Returning to Normandy for a second school year…

September 2018-

It was difficult leaving family, friends our house.  It was chaos because we were getting the house ready to sell this summer, I learned a new skill, painting, and I realized there is a lot more that I can do with confidence and determination.  This was a bitter/sweet chapter in my life but I made Bill promise that we would buy a house on the coast of Maine again, once the kids are in University.  I am writing this so that I have legal proof that this was promised. Yes, this is tongue in cheek.

We packed up and said “au revoir” to Portland, Maine.  We stopped by Bill’s parents, in Maine and my parents home, in New York, for a last “good-bye” before heading to Logan International Airport.  I did shed a few tears saying my last little good byes.

This time, I knew what to expect and the flight seemed a lot less stressful.  I knew the kids and dogs would be fine; the dogs were stowed away safely underneath the seats.  I did try to buy a travel pillow in the airport and note to self, never buy anything in the airport because it is way over priced.  Honestly, my only concern was we were flying out Saturday, September 1 and arriving on Sunday 10:00 am in Paris; we had to pick up a rental car and drive to Percy-en-Normandie and then the kids had to unpack go to bed and return to school in the morning.  This meant that there was no time to recover from jet-lag.

The good news this time is there was no layover so it was a direct flight from Logan to Charles de Gaulle.

Long story short, we ended up arriving in Percy at 7 pm (CET – Central European Time).  We ate dinner and went straight to bed.


In the morning, I was expecting it would be painful to wake up Kale and Madison but it was not.  I have said it before and I will say it again, kids are resilient! Bill made breakfast, eggs and bacon, while I hurried the kids into the shower and put on their new school clothes and their L.L. Bean backpacks . Yes, I am a New Yorker at heart but I feel like my second home is Maine and I love supporting Maine businesses.  Now that I am a transplant “Normandier” (I think I just coined this term) and I like to support local businesses here too, especially the wine producers, especially Chateauneuf-du-Pape.  “oops, did I say that out loud?” Actually, besides its history, Normandy is especially known for its apples.  I am looking forward to attending a “Fete de Pommes” this autumn.

Kale jumped out of the car and in true teen fashion, asked us to leave right away.  He is growing up so fast and wanted to be independent.  kale.jpegKale started 8th grade 4 eme in France.

Madison was excited to find out that she had the same teacher as last year, “Maîtresse” (Teacher), Madame Defoy.  Madison is in 4th grade or CM2. file-15.jpeg

Both kids had an easy transition this time!  I am also taking a course online this go around, so I am hoping my transition will be easier too.

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