An American Naked In Normandy

Hi, I’m Tara and I am feeling incredibly naked! I am beginning a journey, with my family, that at times makes me feel very vulnerable and naked.  In spite of this, I have a feeling at the end of this journey, we will create memories that will last a lifetime.

My husband Bill and I have decided to move to Normandy, France.  I call this adventure, the BIG purge! We are in search of a simpler life but one full of meaning and purpose. I am not going to lie, a big inspiration for this expedition is to make our children bi-lingual and possibly polyglots. We want our children to avoid being trapped by “false walls” and borders.  My end goal is to make my children citizens of the World!

“Are you afraid”, you might ask.  Yes I am!  To add to all of this, I don’t speak very much French but I am sure I will have to learn fast.

Bill has a wondering soul. I am the one that entered this journey with trepidation. I wanted to stay in beautiful Maine, U.S.A.  Actually, I am a New York Girl and staying on the East Coast appealed to me very much.

If you choose to follow me, I am documenting all of this to show the “good” and “ugly” of moving out of my comfort zone.  So, Cheers to this American being naked in Normandy (or Normandie as the French spell it).

by- Tara Magaw

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